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My photography style is just like me: natural, bright and fun.

I’m a wedding and content creator photographer in downtown Toronto. 

Obsessed with lattes, my dog, and having fun. I believe in silly dance moves, celebrating each moment in life, and that laughter makes everything better - as well as a good glass of wine!

I promise to make you laugh at my silly jokes, to keep things light, simple and easy-going, and I’ll do my best to make you feel like you have your best friend behind the camera.

I want to give you photographs that make you feel amazing! That bring a smile to your face as you’re brought back to a hilarious moment. That make your heart skip a beat when you remember how you felt kissing your new spouse. And that captured your life and all the perfectly, imperfect moments that are in it. 

I'm Laura

Oh hey!

For the skimmers

Let's Start with the important stuff

Go-To Outfit

Food I’ll never turn down

Coffee or Tea

Never without

Guilty Pleasure

I'd rather be

Weekend Plans



Fav place travelled

Terrified of

Drink of Choice

Jeans & a Tee Always!

Sunscreen & Water

Really Bad Reality TV

Spin & My Plant Babies

If Not a Wedding, Then Brunch

Travelling or at Home With My Pup




Red Wine or Vodka Soda (with lime)

Margarita Pizza or a Burrito

Coffee (Almond Milk Latte)

Drop in on me right now and you'll most likely find me:


Sipping on an americano (more likely just poured a hefty glass of red)

Stealing kisses from my boxer pup, Quinn

Laughing in hysterics with my husband, Robin

Sitting on my couch editing beautiful images with a big, goofy smile on my face

I spend my days either snuggled up with my dog on my couch with my hair full of dry shampoo or out and about in the city photographing my rock-star clients.

I'm married to the sweetest guy who keeps me laughing every day and makes me breakfast every morning. And I’d gladly choose a date at home curled up in our home in Riverdale with our pup and all my plant babies over a night out any time.

More things you should know

We actually went to the same high school but weren’t high-school sweethearts - we weren't really even friends! We just knew of each other and we didn't start hanging out till 4 years after graduating. We instantly clicked, fell in love, got engaged in Belize, married in Barbados, and have never stopped laughing and having fun since.

Robin and I got married in Barbados 9 years ago

Right out of university I worked for a non-profit and then I moved to a digital-media company for an online fundraising software system. Photography was always a hobby until I was asked to photograph my sister-in-law’s wedding and that’s when I got the itch to try it as a career.

I’m completely self-taught in photography and business


I’m from Ottawa, Ontario and moved to Toronto when I was 18

I grew up in a suburb outside Ottawa and always dreamed of moving to a big city. Once I got to Toronto I didn’t necessarily love it though - It took me four years to fall in love with this city and now it’s my favourite place. And you’ll still find me in Ottawa, my family is there so I visit often.

Travelling - or exploring - has always been one of my biggest joys. Top of my bucket list are: Ecuador, Germany, Antarctica (yes I’m serious!), Italy, St Lucia, and that's just the first five! If I’m not planning a trip to another country, I’m exploring this beautiful province I live in; Ontario. It has some of the best lakes, trails, and even wineries to enjoy! 

I’ve travelled to 15 countries and there’s countless more on my bucket list




Best decision ever!

xx Portugal

Your photographer should be more than a vendor, they should be your friend

That wedding dresses can get dirty

In photos that are natural, real and authentic

In being silly, laughing until you cry & living in the moment

Spoiling my dog like she’s my child (I wear the fur-mama title proud)

In photos that tell a story, that capture all the special details

Almost any wine is good so long as it’s open

In offering advice, help and support when needed

That photos last a lifetime, and maybe more

Your photos don’t belong on your phone

Champagne goes with everything - even chips

In my business and in life I believe

Anything in common?
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