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My little corner of the internet sharing all the fun I get up to. Grab your wine and cuddle up with your pup, let's dig in!

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My little corner of the internet sharing all the fun I get up to. Grab your wine and cuddle up with your pup, let's dig in!

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July 7, 2021

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The low-down: I’m a wedding and content creator photographer in downtown Toronto. You’ll usually find me with a camera in one hand or a full glass of red wine. I capture fun, natural and bright images of really happy people. Stick around to explore all the pretty!

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Hey there!

Living in a city that experiences extreme heat during the summer months, extreme cold during the winter months, and a ton of rain and unpredictable weather in between means you need to have beautiful indoor spaces to photograph in. Luckily, Toronto is home to many (and more popping up every day) studio spaces that can work for a variety of photo sessions especially lifestyle sessions like weddings, families, branding, and content creators.

Not only are studios a great option for weather security, they also offer a private, unique setting that clients can feel comfortable in – and who don’t want to use their own home if they don’t feel like cleaning or prepping for a photoshoot.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work in many studio spaces around the city so I thought I’d share what I’ve found – note: the studios I’ve included are ones I’ve used for sessions like wedding parties, family sessions, engagements, content creators, and branding. These aren’t for commercial shoots although there are a ton of studio spaces in the city that are geared towards commercial photography.

For At-Home Vibes

Some of the best studios around don’t even look like studios at all. They look like someone’s beautiful curated home complete with a living room, kitchen and even tons of plants. These spaces are perfect for content creators, personal branding photos, engagement sessions, and family portraits.

1. Sol Atelier

A beautifully designed and well-thought out loft located in Corktown. It’s as if every corner has come straight from a design magazine – which isn’t surprising since the founder is a photographer and interior designer. She has a strong eye for unique, vintage furniture pieces that will compliment any photo. The furniture and layout is always changing too so you can shoot here many times and not have it feel the same. The space has a huge wall of windows with south-facing exposure so there’s tons of natural light, tall ceilings, and a full kitchen. It’s also set up like a home with a kitchen, dining area and living room so you don’t have to do much to make it feel homey.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Families, Couples, Wedding Couples Portraits or a Small Wedding Party.
  • Best Feature: The overall design of the space. Each vintage piece is like a work of art on it’s own. There’s also so much that can be added to the space – props like books, vases, and even sunglasses are available to use.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, Sonos speaker, steamer, ring-light, washroom/change room, full kitchen, white walls, south-facing window, faux fireplace, paper rolls, various neutral fabric backdrops, reflector, clothing rack, various vintage accents/props, plants!
  • Notes: There’s no elevator access but it’s just one smaller flight of stairs. Even though there’s lots of parking nearby, it can be hard to find sometimes so plan extra time for that. If you’re bringing a lot of things with you, you’ll want to unload by the door and then go park.
  • Price-point: Starting at $90+hst/hour

This eclectic space in the west-end provides the best of both worlds: an at-home vibe but also a bare-bones studio. The space is very large (1400 square feet) with a huge wall of factory windows and white walls making it extremely versatile. The furniture, that is a mix of modern vintage and cute flea market finds, can easily be moved around to create different vignettes and rooms. And the space itself has some unique features like a platform stage, small loft space, and cute kitchen. There’s also so many plants!

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Families, Couples, Small Events, Small Weddings, Wedding Parties.
  • Best Feature: Big, bright, versatile space. Because the space is so big and has a variety of furniture you can easily change things up to create a unique look for a variety of shoots.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, Sonos speaker, steamer, ring-light, soft box lights, washroom/change room, make-up area, full kitchen, white walls, west-facing window.
  • Notes: There’s no elevator access so if you’re bringing heavy items it can be tough with the stairs. The large west window provides a lot of light but it’s best in the platform/kitchen area, other areas tend to be a bit darker.
  • Price-point: Starting at $75+hst/hour

3. Studio Pastel

Located in Leaside, this studio is complete with a huuuge wall of windows, kitchenette, stairs, curtain dividers, and 80’s Florida decor mixed with hints of art deco! If you love soft tones (i.e. pastels!) and have always wanted to pretend you live in a Florida sunroom like one of the Golden Girls then this space is for you. The space features furniture curated by Miller Island that’s been carefully selected and there isn’t too much of it. It’s minimal and streamlined so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming and also makes it easy to move things around or add your own touches. There is a small kitchen nook with a sink and mini fridge (but no stove sorry) and there’s a set of stairs painted white to add another vignette.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Couples, Small Wedding Parties, Styled Shoots, Small Events.
  • Best Feature: That leather couch! I had one of those as a hand-me-down from parents but it wasn’t as cute. The overall decor is the best part and is so unique to this studio.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, Sonos player, washroom/change room, kitchenette, white walls, fabric curtain room divider, steamer, backdrops.
  • Notes: Lots of parking but no elevator so keep in mind you’ll have to go up a flight of stairs. Also, the decor in the space is very 80’s and art deco, depending on your aesthetic or preferences, that might not work for you or you may want to consider clothing/props beforehand that work well with the decor.
  • Price-point: Starting at $75+hst/hour

4. OFT Studio *UPDATE: Looks like this location closed

So this studio isn’t actually in Toronto but it’s a great option for anyone around the Burlington area (and it’s only a 50 minute drive from the city). This space has a unique, eclectic vibe, with tons of white walls, a plant wall, vintage rugs and furniture, large stairway, and a swing!! It feels bigger than it is (900 square feet) and there’s tons of windows for natural light. In addition to the at-home looks, the space also has colourful backdrops and the ability to provide a minimal setting if needed.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Families, Couples, Small Wedding Parties.
  • Best Feature: The swing! It’s so unique and fun! There’s tons of fun props and vintage touches and so many plants! It’s also easy to bring things into since the entrance is private and there’s just one staircase.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, tape player, washroom/change room, make-up area, white walls, plant wall, backdrops.
  • Notes: The look of the space is very vintage/eclectic so if you prefer more contemporary interiors you may want to bring some furniture/props to fit that look.
  • Price-point: Starting at $75+hst/hour

5. Mararamiro

I haven’t actually used this studio yet but I’ve been dying to work in it. It’s mission is to help move away from ‘throw away’ culture so many of the home decor items styling the space are available for purchase online – such a beautiful mission! The space is designed with so much thought and care with a focus on vintage-modern and high-end quality. It’s located in the old Toy Factory Building in Leslieville so it offers everything a great loft space has: tall ceilings, huge windows, white walls, a full kitchen and beautiful wood flooring.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Families, Couples, Wedding Couples Portraits or a Small Wedding Party.
  • Best Feature: The fact that it’s a shoppable studio! And the overall design of the space that looks like it came from a design magazine.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, Sonos player, smart lights, full kitchen, coffee machine, washroom/change rooms, faux fireplace, 16-foot ceiling height, huge window, curated furniture, decor and props, neutral aesthetic.
  • Notes: Since I haven’t worked in the space yet I’m not sure of parking or stairs.
  • Price-point: Starting at $115+hst/hour

For Open-Concept Spaces

When you need more space, having a larger studio with less furniture or props is key. These studios are perfect for wedding days when the weather might not cooperate and you need a back-up option for wedding party photos or family portraits. They’re also great for styled shoots where you can let your creative genius be free without restrictions. And because these spaces are larger, they provide a range of looks or vignettes making them extremely versatile.

1. Summerset Studio

Oh so bright and tons of light! This studio is located on Queens Quay making it a dream location for anyone downtown. Everything has been thought through in this space right down to a selection of toys for kids and babies. The space is divided into spacious areas that provide a variety of styles to shoot in – there’s even a lounge that could be mistaken for a cute café on King Street West which also doubles as a co-working space. The decor is art-deco inspired and kept to a minimum to allow for full creativity. Oh and there’s parking right outside the door.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Engagements, Personal Branding, Families (kids and newborns), Couples, Small Events, Weddings, Wedding Parties, Styled Shoots.
  • Best Feature: The lounge space! This is a dream setup for content creators and engagement sessions. Also the corner windows, archway windows, unique mural wall and art-decor decor.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, Sonos player, washroom/change rooms, hair and make-up station, seamless backdrops, clothing racks, steamer, 13-foot ceiling height, archway windows, mural wall, neon sign, lots of plants!
  • Notes: There’s no kitchen (but spacious washroom so you have sink access) so bring your own mugs, coffee, food or props to utilize the lounge area to create a café vibe. The furniture is kept to a minimum so you can bring your vision to life so keep that in mind if you want a specific look.
  • Price-point: Starting at $70+hst/hour

2. Mint Room Studios

One of the city’s largest lifestyle studio spaces is Mint Room located in the Junction. The studio has two main spaces that are divided into specific rooms/studios (NINE in total) all with their own signature look. Each space is simple, elegant, has tons of natural light and can be used for a variety of shoots – one of the best things about Mint Room is that you can drastically transform any of the spaces since they keep furniture to a minimum and each space is so big. They are also frequently updating, changing, or adding seasonal decor to offer variety.

  • Best for: Weddings, Wedding Parties, Styled Shoots, Families (kids and newborns), Personal Branding, Content Creators, Engagements, Couples, Events.
  • Best Feature: The variety of each space. No matter what you’re looking for, Mint Room will have a space that will work. The ‘Ballroom’ is their most iconic space which is a Parisian-inspired space with mouldings, victorian furniture, white walls, and tons of natural light. The newly-added ‘Sanctuary’ offers a bathroom space that evokes a Balinese spa. They also recently added the ‘Kitchen’ with modern details and sage green cabinetry. And there’s even the ‘Nest’ which is all about kids and provides beautiful props and vignettes for family sessions.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, washroom/change room, make-up areas, steamer, backdrop stands, 5000 square feet of total studio space, the Ballroom and Conservatory studios can be joined to create a studio space with 1500 square feet (great for a wedding!), The White Loft studio accepts pets on request!
  • Notes: You need to plan for unloading/packing – Since Mint Room is in the old Clock Factory building there is no elevator (just a freight elevator that you need to book before-hand and it doesn’t carry passengers). The studios are on the second and third floors so you need to walk up and down bringing in your props – this is something to note for families with children and strollers. Also, parking by the entrance isn’t always available so plan for extra time for unloading or packing up. The studios are not soundproof so you need to be mindful of music or noise. The washrooms are located outside of the studio spaces.
  • Price-point: Starting at $95+hst/hour

3. Preto Loft

I haven’t actually used this studio yet but I’ve had my eye on it hoping to shoot there soon. This is owned by the same creative team behind Mint Room and keeps with their signature minimal, curated vibe that can be transformed for various shoots. What sets this studio apart is the size – it’s made up of two spaces that can be booked separately or can be combined for larger shoots or events. I’m also in love with the design and how they’ve kept the industrial, loft aesthetic but have softened it with art-deco design and furniture.

  • Best for: Weddings, Wedding Parties, Styled Shoots, Events (great for showers or birthday parties) Personal Branding, Content Creators, Engagements, Couples.
  • Best Feature: The size! There aren’t many studio spaces with this much space that can accommodate large wedding parties for raining days, act as a wedding venue, and provide a unique backdrop for styled shoots – and still be beautiful.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, private service kitchen, washroom/change rooms, hair and make-up station, steamers, clothing racks, 17-foot ceiling height, huge windows, brick wall, hard loft interior, plants!
  • Notes: I believe this is a similar setup to Mint Room where there is a freight elevator for any props/items brought in but it needs to be reserved and doesn’t take passengers. This is something to plan for when booking as you might need time to unload/pack up going up and down stairs. If you are hosting an event you can book a nearby parking lot at an additional fee.
  • Price-point: Starting at $110+hst/hour

For Something Different

When you want something bold and unique it’s often hard to find when most studios cater to a similar look but there are a few studios out there who will fit your out-of-the-box vibe. Think bright, bold colours, unique props, and multiple rooms or vignettes. These spaces are perfect for content creators, personal branding photos, or for a couple who wants something very unique.

1. Demi Studio

Located in Etobicoke, this space is like a fun-house of design! Everywhere you turn there is something new and different to work with. The (very large) space has been divided into multiple ‘sets’ with very different colour-schemes and designs. The sets offer everything from neutral boho, to playful pink walls and carpet, to checkered flooring, to disco-mirror covered walls! It’s a space that is a ton of fun to be in and sparks creativity.

  • Best for: Content Creators, Personal Branding, Styled Shoots, Couples.
  • Best Feature: How unique it is. The divided ‘sets’ are so different from each other it feels as though you’re in a completely different studio. Each area has a very unique design so you can create a huge variety of content in just one space.
  • Other Features: Free wifi, bluetooth sound system, change room, hair and make-up station, steamers, clothing racks, various fabrics for draping, seamless backdrops, fabric curtain room divider, disco balls and fun props.
  • Notes: There is no kitchen so if you bring food you will need to ensure you have dining props, you also won’t have anywhere to clean things. The washrooms are located outside of the studio space. There is minimal furniture but the space lends itself for so much creativity that you can add so much to bring your vision to life.
  • Price-point: *Couldn’t find

2. The Rainbow Loft

So this studio isn’t actually in Toronto but it’s a great option for anyone around the Kleinburg/Vaughan area (and it’s only a 50 minute drive from the city) and it’s especially great for families or those wanting photos of their kids. The space is part of the TransformED Creative Studio and Learning Centre, a converted home designed for childhood development and education. It’s designed with so much creativity and every detail has been thought-out for a child (or for the child at heart). The Rainbow Loft is located on the second floor of the home and you literally need to walk up the rainbow stairs to access it. The second floor has been divided into different rooms each with a unique theme and creative design. When you book the space you have access to the entire floor so you can use all the rooms. There’s also seasonal decor and props that will be added/changed throughout the year so there’s tons of opportunity to create unique content.

  • Best for: Families (Kids + Milestone Celebrations), Holiday Sessions, Maternity, Content Creators, Personal Branding
  • Best Feature: How creative each space is. There’s a purple bathtub in one room, blue clouds in another, a vintage piano in another, and a mini tea party setup in the hallway. It’s a space that a child (and adult) would have so much fun in!
  • Other Features: Full washroom/change room, faulted ceiling with wood beams, vintage furniture and props, purple bathtub, piano, faux fireplace, and toys/games for children.
  • Notes: There is no kitchen on the second level but there is one on the main floor and you can inquire for access to it.
  • Price-point: $125/half hour

Note: Studio spaces around the city are constantly changing and new studios are always popping up. I will be updating this list as I find new spaces or have updates to share. If you have a studio space that should be included in this list please let me know. Either leave a comment or email me at

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I’m a wedding and content creator photographer in downtown Toronto. You’ll usually find me with a camera in my hands or a full glass of red wine. I capture fun, natural and bright images of really happy people. Thanks for reading! 

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